Who We Are



Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems, Inc. is a manufacturing company located in Green Lake, Wisconsin, serving the Polyurethane Spray Foam and Polyurea coating industry with custom coatings and spray foam insulation, equipment, parts and service, and custom built application trailers and rigs.

We make and supply spray polyurethane foam in densities from half pound to 10-pound density and beyond. Spray foam is available in both water blown and gas blown versions.  The water blown spray foam is an “Eco-green” product that provides an environmentally-safe alternative to home and industrial insulation solutions.

Oak Ridge manufactures polyurea, epoxy, urethane, silicone and acrylic coatings in many different formulations and colors for applications used in various residential, industrial and agricultural applications.

We also build custom application trailers to provide turnkey application solutions for your contracting needs.  Our contractor rigs can include reactors, on-board generators, compressors, air dryers and pure air for worker respiration.  The contractor rigs are well-lit, and feature work benches, heaters, hoses and everything else necessary for job site success.

In the competitive market, Oak Ridge stands behind its products and service. Please take a moment to view our Company Presentation above for additional information.