Effective immediately, Carlisle/Accella’s current Foamsulate 50, Foamsulate 220 and
Bayseal 2.0 are being phased out. Once we deplete our inventory of these products,
they will no longer be available for purchase.

The NEW “Rebranded” products taking their place will be Sealtite Pro CC (2#) and
Sealtite Pro No Mix (.5#). The current PremiPour, PremiSeal and BPL brands, will remain
unchanged at this time.

We are also Very Happy to introduce North Carolina Foam as a new proud
Partner of Oak Ridge. We are currently distributing NCFI’s open and closed cell
products such as their 0.5 #, 1.7 #, 2.0 #, 2.8 # along with a wide selection
of pour systems coming in the near future.