“I wanted to drop a note of appreciation. I have been purchasing products, parts and equipment from you for 5 years. I could not be more pleased with the customer service, quality, promptness, flexibility and knowledge of the team at Oak Ridge. As long as we both are in business, i will continue to purchase from you.”


AR Foam & Coatings

“Thank you for your time and allowing Kohler to tour your facilities in Green Lake. This opportunity was very beneficial and provided us with a better understanding of Oak Ridge’s capabilities, product offerings, current customer base and market diversity.”


Kohler Power Systems

“Just wanted to again say thanks for the foam school training and the hospitality. I’ve studied this business in-depth, but I still came away with more information than I had ever expected. Your staff is on top of their game! And those little things like the refreshments and lunch did not go unnoticed – they were very much appreciated. You folks are a class act!”


Spray Foam Applicator

“During the Spring of 2001, a decision was made to coat the drop pans of the MC-330 Material Transfer Vehicle by Blaw-Knox. This was done with the Oak Ridge™ OR70SS @ 250 mils thickness. This material was chosen for its high heat resistant release qualities and high wear resistance. Currently, there are more applications being considered throughout Ingersoll-Rand / Blaw-Knox production. I would recommend this coating to anyone who would be in need of a high-heat, good release / clean-up and wear resistant coating.”


Ingersoll-Rand Company / Blaw-Knox Construction Equipment

“Oak Ridge is a great place to get all of my spray form and coating products. Great people to work with. In my ten years of doing business with the, there has never been a part I needed that they didn’t have in stock!”


Spray Foam & Coatings Applicator

“Just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for your hospitality during our visit……it gave us all an opportunity to get to begin to know one another. There is no question that you and your company are the kind of partners we strive for in a vendor.”


U.S. Waterproofing

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I’ve spoken with Pat a few times as well as some of your other employees/crew members and just wanted to give them some credit, as they have all been very polite, patient, helpful, and good spirited. Hats off to your crew! I couldn’t be happier to work with your team.”


BlueOx Energy Products & Services

“Quality Paint & Coatings recognizes the value of supplier on-time delivery performance, combined with the quality of goods and services we receive. This is critical to enabling QPC to meet the demand for on-time delivery of the coated products we provide to our customers. On an annual basis, QPC rates each of its suppliers for both on-time delivery as well as the quality of products received. QPC has set the minimum “satisfactory” delivery rating at 95% with a quality/defective incident rate of zero (0). Your company’s rating for the past year is as follows: On-Time Delivery: 100% for 41 receipt lines Quality/Defective Incidents: Zero. On behalf of QPC, I would like to thank you and congratulate your company on providing us with quality products and services on a timely basis. Please keep up the great service!”


Quality Paint & Coatings

“I must say, I like how your company is small, but a large company. you really do take time for the smaller contractor with knowledge, technical service, in-house and onsite training. The customer service is outstanding at Oak Ridge. I appreciate considering me for job leads in my area and keeping me updated wit your monthly newsletter with specials. I look forward to our continuing relationship in the future.”


Marshland Spray Foam

“Since we met several years ago, I have been very satisfied with all the products and services your company has provided to us. We are also pleased with the support for supplying product samples and coming out here to meet with clients for projects. While we had the one large spray trailer unit here and small portable spray unit, in the past two years you have always given us fast, reliable service for parts and equipment for maintenance. We continue to promote the products and services you offer with new requests coming in all the time.”


Dakota Environmental Services, LLC

“Thanks again for servicing the guys at Commercial Roofing so professionally with the installation of new equipment in their large truck. I was totally amazed at the photos they showed me last week. They are very excited for Spring to come so they can put this new equipment to use, and I have a lot of work specified and sold to put it to good use this year. Be sure to thank Rick and your whole Oak Ridge team on a job well done….I’ll continue to keep my roofers informed of your service.”


Carlisle Syntec

“It was a pleasure meeting with you. You are working with a good group. I’m a very small business, currently doing coatings as a side business, but Oak Ridge has been outstanding in their service and support.”


Leatherneck Coatings, LLC