Mixing Chambers – $90.00 ea. 1-AF2020, 1-AF2929, 1-AF5252, 3-AR2020, 5-AR2929, 1-AR3939, 2-AR5252, 4-AW2222, 1-AW333

3- Manifolds 246012 $240.00 ea.

PMC PX7A3 Gun-Great gun for Concrete lifting & Roof applications. Includes Lifting clamp and starter kit and extra gun block. $2399.00

Stick Transfer Pumps PMC GHO side B $999 Graco T2 side B $999 Gusmer side B $250

Slightly Used Graco 695 Sprayer $2955.00

New Graco 795 Sprayer $5085.00

22″ Floor Grinder Vac $5875.00

PMC AP-EX-2 Extender pole gun $999.00

PMC AP-3 Gun $999.00

Graco GX7 gun $2665.00





Floor Edger Grinder $2165.00

USED EQUIPMENT MUST GO! PRICED TO MOVE! Prices do not include tax or shipping costs. While supplies last. Prices Negotiable!