Oak Ridge TM, a trademark of Coating Holdings Limited (CH ltd), is a Wisconsin, USA based company. We specialize in formulations of Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Polyethylene, Polyureas, Polyaspartics, other diverse coating products, Graco High Pressure dispensing spray equipment, guns and replacement parts. We serve our contractors in the construction industry with a diverse array of spray foam formulations and protective coating products. Coating products we provide include Acrylics, Silicones, moisture cured urethanes, urethanes, Pure Polyureas, Polyaspartic and Polyethylene protective coatings. Our products provide protection against Energy loss, reduction of the carbon footprint, increase floatation, and acoustical enhancement. Our protective coating products offer flame ignition barriers, corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance, protection from Mother Nature and her climatic conditions in applications of roofing, decking (mechanical room, plaza deck protection and parking decks), membrane waterproofing (below grade, between slab, on-grade and above grade), bomb blast resistance, Secondary containment, Tank & Pipe Linings, restoration of Single-ply membranes and metal panel construction.


In compliance with the Spray Foam Industry Standards, we remain committed to continuing education, Safety requirements and opportunities that the Sprayed Applied Polyurethane Foam Industry offers its new and existing contractors. We conduct a monthly training session at our facility in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Our sessions of one or two days depending on class size and skill level provide valuable information concerning Health & Safety, chemical & equipment familiarization and operation, job site recommendations and requirements, hands-on spraying, marketing and sales information and opportunities in addition to spray foam. Successful completion of this training provides a certification as a recognized trained spray foam applicator. Authorized Contractor Foam School: This training course is held every month, at the Foam Training Center located in Green Lake Wisconsin. USA. Lake-made-in-usa   Training Includes: Gun Maintenance, Hose Managment, Processing Chemicals, Safety, Chemical Compounds, Spill Containment, Spray Automation, Costing and Estimating. READ MORE


We offer exact specification assistance for a variety of applications involving spray polyurethane foam insulation and coatings meeting your insulation and coating performance, budget requirements and warranty expectations. We can formulate specialty coating products that require unique application requirements and proven solutions to our customer base. Our manufacturing facilities provide solutions for economical costs and prompt delivery times. Our Quality Assurance Program can either assist you, train you to do the work or we can coordinate and complete the work for you. In all aspects, our way is our priority to our customer’s satisfaction. index-men-spraying

Along with the ability to custom formulate specialty chemicals in unique applications we are committed to providing solutions that have proven themselves in the field. With manufacturing facilities located in both the USA and Canada we are logistically suited for economical shipments and prompt delivery times. We can either set you up to do the work or we can get it done for you!


Need your roof repaired? Our polyureas are built to last for years to come. The Oak Ridge mobile equipment and chemical roof solution is designed get to those most difficult locations.




We Blend Polyureas, Epoxies, Polyaspartics
Polyurethane roofing insulation
Polyurethane wall foam insulation
Primers/specialty items
Equipment sale of Graco and GlasCraft
Turn Key spray rigs
Robotics in Pipeline Coatings
Custom Mobile Processing Systems

Safety Gear is Our Specialty

We offer safety equipment, clothing, associated equipment and fresh air apparatus. We take safety very seriously and have everything you need to make your coatings and your applicators complete the job without any injury or harm.






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