Since its installation, the aliphatic white polyurea interior wall coating system continues to provide long-term performance dating back 19 years ago to present day.

This two-component, 100% solids and 0 VOC coating offers a fast reactive and cure providing a quick turn-around and back to service.

The scope of work for the above mentioned involved preparing the interior concrete walls by means of high-pressure washing removing all surface contaminants such as oils, surfactants, silicones and accumulated dirt.  The walls were then primed before the aliphatic coating was spray applied to the minimum thickness of 32 mils.

The owner, Mr. Greg Holtz had purchased two locations.  One location, he utilized the protective white aliphatic Polyurea.  The second location, he installed an aluminum wall panel system.  His review of the two locations noted that the location that had been coated provided the best overall protection from the humid environment and chemicals used in the wash process.  It also provided the best cost-effective way in protecting the interior surfaces. Mr. Holtz noted, “Concrete surfaces ended up being smooth, easy to clean and is a great job.  The best thing is that it doesn’t owe me a thing!

“The second location proved to be difficult to clean due to the configurated surface profile of the panels.  Their connections and panel surfaces also proved to be areas where mold infestation took to easily.  Wash down, “was a real pain!”, as explained by Mr. Holtz.“