Truck Bed Liners and Vehicle Protection Coatings & Linings

Oak Ridge’s “Flak Jacket” is the most advanced spray-on truck bed liner on the market. Our Flak Jacket is a polyurea blend bed liner that is extremely durable, corrosion resistant, and environmentally safe.

Flak Jacket bonds permanently, conforming to every contour of your truck bed with a textured, skid-resistant surface for long lasting protection and a “factory” installed appearance.  It’s truly the best BODY ARMOR for your truck!!


  • AIR & WATER TIGHT:  Creates a moisture-proof seamless barrier to eliminate the possibility of rust or corrosion.
  • IMPACT & ABRASION RESISTANT:  Tough durable coating. It absorbs impact, remains flexible, and will not chip, crack, warp, peel, or tear.
  • SKID RESISTANT:  Offers a consistent, fine textured finish that helps keep loads in place, protecting your cargo and your truck.
  • A PERFECT FIT:  Follows the exact contours of your truck and will not affect your cargo capacity or interfere with the installation of accessories such as 5th wheel hitches, utility boxes, tonneau covers, and more.
  • QUIET RIDE:  Forms a thick, shock absorbing layer that dampens sound and vibration. No more annoying rattles and noises from drop-in liners.
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS:  Professionally installed in just a few hours.
  • VERSATILE:  Bonds permanently to virtually any surface, including steel, wood, aluminum, concrete, and fiberglass.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE:   100% solvent-free.

Other uses:

Basement Walls Wood Decking Under Coatings
Loading Ramps Commercial Vans & Trucks Walkways
Equipment Stands & Lifts  Underground Storage Tanks Agricultural & Machinery Equipment
Trailers Boat Decks Shop, Garage & Factory Flooring
Pond Liners Containment Piers & Docks
Playground Equipment

Standard Truck Bed Liner Colors