1. Be sure your machine heaters are turned off and the system is cool.
  2. Pull your barrel transfer pumps from the drums and put them in a minimum of 3-5 gallons of MEK   (methyl ethyl ketone) in two separate 5 gallon buckets.
  3. Take the spray gun off the manifold and get two waste buckets, they can be clean if, you want to try   and save some good foam or coating.
  4. Turn the valves on at the manifold and hold over the buckets.
  5. Turn your transfer barrel pumps on and let them run until the liquid starts to run clear then keep this good chemical and continue until the liquid is pure MEK.
  6. Now switch over the pumps to two separate buckets of DOP storage material, pump out the same by keeping the used MEK for future flushing or clean up. KEEP THE “A” AND “B” BUCKETS SEPARATE!!!
  7. Check your “Y” strainers and the main inlet buy the ¾” ball valves.
  8. Turn off the valves at the manifold you’re done.