CONTRACTOR: Whited Foam and Coatings
JOB LOCATION: Western New York
Equipment: HV 20/35 with Fusion Spray Gun, propane electric generator, Air dryer
Climatic conditions: temperature in upper 60s
Equipment settings: Hose temperature: 118F, Primary heater “A” side: 123, Primary heater “B” side 117° F
Operating pressure: 850 psi
Static pressure: 1200 psi
Air pressure: 100 psi
Foam thickness applied to walls and underside of the metal roof: 1.5 to 2 inches.

The Maier Farm was established in 1892, and has been supplying the local community with fresh grown produce. “This is an extension of our storage facilities,” explained Jim Maier. “It’s not our first project using sprayed polyurethane foam. My father had a project done many years ago and it is still performing very well. Our new cold storage facility will be kept at just above 34F, keeping our apples fresh and crisp.”
When completed, this application will be a totally adhered, monolithic and seamless insulation wrap conforming to the wall and underside roof structure. Care was taken by installing a film of polyethylene over the newly installed concrete floor. When installing close to the overhead door entrance, polyethylene was draped over the opening, so as not to have overspray carried outside to the exterior of the metal building.